You Can Tap Into Christ’s Healing Power

Miracles and healings do not have to be rare in your life or the life of any Spirit-filled or Spirit-led believer. Here are things covered in Mark’s new book. By understanding your God-given authority and partnering with the Holy Spirit “YOU CAN TAP INTO CHRIST’S HEALING POWER.”

Christ openly made a show of the enemy. You can enforce what He accomplished 2,000 years ago. Sometimes faith is a fight. Learn how to stand for what rightfully belongs to you IN CHRIST. Learn how your words shape and affect the way you live your life.

By understanding something that the children of Israel understood you can create an atmosphere conducive for the Holy Spirit to move in power. You can literally affect the spiritual realm releasing Christ’s healing power in this physical realm. Learn the role humility will play in the healing ministry in these last days.

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“Healing the sick was front and center in Jesus’ ministry. Mark Anderson has years of practical experience in seeing people receive miraculous healing through faith in Christ. His book, You Can Tap Into Christ’s Healing Power lays a foundation for healing and sets an atmosphere where miracles can easily be received. This teaching is for those who need healing for themselves, as well as for the one who wants to minister God’s healing life to others.”Evangelist Peter Youngren – World Impact Ministries – St. Catherines, Ontario

“Mark Anderson’s newest book comes out of the heart of a man who lives what he teaches and who is passionately pursuing the power of God to heal broken lives and bodies. I’ve seen Mark stay for long hours ministering one-on-one to people with all manner of “dis-ease” in their lives and know him to be a person who walks in the compassionate authority of Jesus Christ. This latest volume will add to the understanding of all who seek to work in God’s Kingdom in cooperation with Christ’s healing, delivering power.” – Pastor Mike Atkins -Jackson Hole Christian Center- Jackson, Wyoming

“For more than 25 years Mark Anderson has taken God’s healing truth to the nations of the world. He has demonstrated Christ’s miracle power to the multitudes. In his new book You Can Tap Into Christ’s Healing Power, Mark has presented powerful Gospel facts that will bring miracle healing to many. I applaud the effort, and I know this book will seed the readers with miracles from heaven.”Evangelist Mike Francen- Francen World Outreach- Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I want you to know I finally finished your book “You can Tap into Christ’s Healing Power”. I savored it all the way through. Carefully looking up every single scripture. I found myself waking up at 3:00 a.m. to read it and search the word for the truths you put forth. It was wonderful. I appreciate your lack of hype and your integrity with your own failures. I loved the football stories. (I’m a baseball nut myself). Thanks for demonstrating that a normal man who loves Jesus can first walk in His heart for the lost, then secondly move regularly in such powerful ministry in His name.” Dave Rogers- Kerrville, Texas