Foreword by Randy Clark:

    Mark Anderson’s book Humility: The Hidden Key to Walking in Signs and Wonders is a strong, biblical call to the Kingdom value of humility and its relationship to revival. The Church is being stirred to enter into a greater experience of the Kingdom of God or revival at this time. And this book is a key to being able to walk in more revelation and power.

    Image of Randy ClarkA few months before I went to Toronto and God came upon us there, He spoke to me in an internal, but loud, voice. The occasion was the outpouring of His Spirit upon the annual regional pastors meeting of the denomination I was a part of at the time. This would lead to the door opening to come to Toronto. The outpouring at the regional pastors meeting was the most powerful outpouring I had ever seen at the time. In the midst of it, when my fellow pastors in ministry were coming to me desiring prayer, the Lord spoke. I will never forget the message’s meaning: “This is the most dangerous moment of your life. If you touch the glory, become proud, fail to stay humble, this anointing will destroy you.” Mark Anderson’s book has helped me to understand the significance of the warning and the reason for the warning. I thank God for warning me of the danger of pride and the importance of humility three months before the Toronto Blessing began.

    The thorough use of the Bible throughout the book was most helpful in realizing how important this grace is to God. Through word study, consideration of Jesus’ life, and what seemed an exhaustive biblical study on humility, Mark helps us understand what humility is and what it isn’t.

    Humility: The Hidden Key to Walking in Signs and Wonders is the best book I have ever read on humility, and it reveals the importance of humility’s relationship to spiritual breakthrough and revival.

    The book is like a diamond. Humility is the diamond, and Mark helps us see all the various facets of the diamond - there were many, all of which I found very helpful.

    I hope this book receives the favor it deserves among the Christian community. I believe if the insights in this book are applied to our lives, there will be less division among Christians, less character attacks on others, longer periods of revival, greater grace for miracles, and more cooperation. Most importantly, the Body of Christ will look more like Jesus. We must learn how to walk in humility while at the same time being bold, confident of who we are in Christ and using our biblical authority to bring the dominion of the Kingdom to the earth. Yes, humility is compatible with boldness, confidence, and exercising of authority. Jesus modeled how to live a life of humility while exercising authority and power.

    I encourage you to read and pursue the truth in Mark’s new book, Humility: The Hidden Key to Walking in Signs and Wonders. You will be glad you did, and I believe you will be surprised by how much you learn about humility. I was.

    Randy Clark
    Overseer of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

  • Mark Anderson Ministries is a non-profit 501c 3 corporation. Mark and his wife, Sharmila are passionate about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. They have traveled throughout many parts of the world conducting city-wide open-air campaigns, ministering in healing ministry training seminars, leadership conferences, churches and Bible Schools. Mark performs Christian rock music concerts in many prestigious India public schools. Jesus moves undeniably performing many signs, wonders and miraculous healings in these various outreaches to show unreached people groups He is alive and cares for them.

    Mark Anderson Ministries and it’s partners have also established Karishma Girls Home/Orphanage and Sewing School in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India where they feed, teach educate and provide a home for abused and neglected women and girls. Mark Anderson Ministries and it’s partners also supports national ministry leaders so they can effectively reach their nation with the good news of Jesus Christ.

    Mark is also an author of a number of books, including his best selling book Humility The Hidden Key to Walking in Signs and Wonders with foreword by Randy Clark.

    To sum it up their vision is to minister to people who have heard little or nothing about Jesus Christ, to raise up others into effective healing ministry with Godly character. It is also to reach the poor and hurting in unreached areas both at home and overseas. They are also committed to helping women and girls in India to show them what they can be in Christ.